Congratulations to Shenandoah of Sark

What a gorgeous race, gentlemen! Seven Schooners were lining up on the starting line and the oldest of ours have gained the podium!

Shenandoah of Sark has been on the front page of all magazines and social media, and for many deserved reasons. Her powerful lines and elegant details makes her simply one of the most beautiful sail vessel of the world.

The Video of the Schooner Class Rolex Trophy at Les Voiles de Saint Tropez 2022

This year the Rolex Trophy has chosen the Schooner Class as the most impressive representative of the Classic Yacht World and rewarding Shenandoah of Sark could not come as a surprise, after all.

Les Voiles de Saint Tropez is probably the most successful event organised for classic boats and it will remain part of our Schooner Cup Series also in the future. We aim at strengthening our relationship with our partners so that our events, on the water as well as ashore can improve year after year.

It is also a great pleasure to report that many members of ISA have shown up at the Schooner meeting for owners and captains aboard the Schooner Puritan, to talk about our plans for the years to come. Some exciting projects are in the pipeline, here below:

– Schooner Cup Series in Mallorca 2024: among the members attending the meeting, four schooners have shown a positive interest in doing the regatta organised by the Club de Mar Mallorca in 2024, and make it part of our Schooner Cup Series for that year. This means that ISA will be offering its support to the organisers and arrange our schooner events within the regatta.

– Offshore Schooner Race: An offshore race for Schooners is still missing in the Schooner Cup Series: we are currently looking at two options, one being at the beginning of the Mediterranean Season in Sardinia or the Balearics, the other in September rather than October, in which case it would probably start and end in south of France. This Offshore regatta should not last longer than 24/36 hours.

– During the meeting ob board Puritan it has been outlined that the future of the ISA relies also on the Captains. Not only they have the right knowledge to make a race more fun for schooners but also, they are somewhat the ambassadors of their yacht owners. Their advice to race-organisers could sometimes make the difference between a successful event and a fail.

One final comment about the last windy day of Les Voiles de Saint Tropez, where the fleet of Schooners enjoyed a 35-40 knots Mistral. Riding the waves wind with lower sails averaging the speed at 15-17 knots has been as exciting and spectacular as you may well imagine.